BIRDING COLOMBIA specialises in organising and leading birding tours to Colombia. With 24 years experience in the country and 20 years of leading organised tours we have led more groups to more sites, and seen more species, than any other tour operator in Colombia.

Our unparalleled knowledge of Colombia means that we can offer you tailor made services with itineraries adapted to your style of bird watching.

About Colombia - a birder's dream
Colombia was once one of those places you'd heard mention, probably because of its drug or security problems, but you never considered visiting. It is now rapidly shedding this poor image, and becoming the hottest destination for birders travelling to Latin America. The country is a birder's dream. With the highest species count of any country in the World, over 1900 plus 84 endemics, it really is a must for any serious Neotropical birder. This huge diversity of species results from the equally diverse range of habitats: three Andean Cordilleras, two inter-Andean valleys, the Amazon, Los Llanos (Orinoco), Santa Marta Mountains, Pacific and Caribbean coasts, deserts and lakes, and the rich Chocó biogeographical region all help to make it one of the most varied in South America.

About our services
We can help you organise your birding trip by offering you expert and detailed advice on the best birding sites. We can organise lodging, food, transportation and English speaking guides. Although we specialise in individuals and group birding tours, we can also organise your wildlife and photography tours.

We look forward to assisting you to get the most out of your tour.